I don’t think this is a bad one. I got a sound of a bell in my left ear at 8:53. 53 shapes see, also Sweden. And bell, like a door bell, it is for the idea of having guests. So what 8 can be is B, G or S really, if not eternity, infinity or just number eight. 5 is also balance in the number series 1-9. 3 is also bird sign as well as free. 3 is also the number three. So there are many possible explanations to the premonition. Maybe some guests will arrive. It can be from or it can be what kind of guests are arriving. Eternal guests? I have no idea. Your guess is as good as mine. What do you think? BS is also bisexual. Bisexual free. I have no idea. B can also be be. Be Sweden. Hmm… Ask Sweden… Guests ask Sweden… hmm…. Bird can be flight. 8th flight to SE, connected to B, G or S.

Expanding my own easy explanations, by using the Internet, BGS gives hit on:, which is British Geological Service.

It also gives hit on Beta Gamma Sigma.

It can also be a Bachelor of General studies. Very strange… haha. Internet is funny.

Wargame Wiki is also one…

Ground handling services:

Other explanations:

Very interesting that is German for needing money now.

My conclusion is that is has to do with flights, as in my own conclusion, prior to the Internet. Internet just confirms.

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