God’s plan

I believe there is some of this in each and everyone of you. I believe in you. I made a bet with God. God wanted to press delete on humanity. I asked God to give you a chance, humanity is on probation and I had a talk with God many years ago. God gave me a chance to change you… I am trying really hard to save you from God pressing delete on humanity. You are still not on the right track… and I cannot do it on my own. I need your help to change the world. Imagine a world where everyone is equal. Impossible? No, doable. God believes in me and gave me a chance to change you. Now I need you to believe in me, that there is still a chance for humanity to set things right…. wanna change the future? Want a future where we all are equal?

Give me sunshine and love.

If you fail… you already know what will happen.

This is Drake, with his song God’s plan.

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