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So I am going to move there… so you can start following my blog there instead. Gonna publish everything there and some copies here. But you are better off at my new blogg to cover the post’s:


WordPress statistics have been stalking me for a long time now, some years. I am tired of them. Either their system is hacked or they have insane staff controlling the statistics. Perhaps they use Google or Facebook for it. They are either way insane. They write in the commentary field. Then I search online with that, my blog doesn’t turn up. Neither does the search result within the blog either, so they just write stuff. I am thinking they are stalkers. Insane in fact. Wish they did stop it and gave me access to my real statistics. I want statistics. Also when someone likes the page, the persons visit doesn’t turn up. And when people from different countries visit there visit doesn’t turn up either. They also paint letters in the maps in the statistics and create words by countries. I.e. Music with the help of the first letters on each country. It is in fact pretty insane to do that. A person like that is really fucked up and should go and kill themselves.

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