Got a pedagogic assistant

I got a so called immigrant that has a teacher’s education in another country. It is hired as a pedagogic assistant and they asked me if it could join me in my classes? I agreed. I took it on two days a week. I will do the digital track with the kids and since that person was educated a long time ago I thought the digital track might enhance that persons previous education & update the knowledge is already has. I am doing the digital track those two days. It has also worked as a rector in its home country. Perfect opportunity for a immigrant to get back into its old career, even though it has to start as a pedagogic assistant. I got my first assistant. Interesting. But I am thankful, because I have full classes with the kids in the lowest grades I teach,  all other classes I have half classes. So it is good I get someone with the right education as a teachers assistent in those classes. It benefits me and the kids. I teach 4 grades now, compared to three before. So the kids with full classes are from elementary school.

I have really short working days two days a week, which is great. That means I have time to relax and study. I have 34 hours scheduled each week. That is what I have to work. Then we always have the so called trusted time. I am gonna take a Ipad with me home to download apps and learn about the apps. I haven’t used Ipads for digital classes before, but it is my elementary kids that have Ipads. Have to solve that to. I have solved the first class for next week, but I want a better application. Maybe we have to buy one. But first I need to test them. Just as I had to do with the Chrome books once.

I already noticed that Apple doesn’t support Flash, wich is a problem, since I do use websites that use Flash in my teaching. This is also why I now have to find a app instead. This is the teacher’s headace. Imagine if I just could pic and choose. I have to think about money, cost, products and such. It is a bug in my mind. I wanna give the kids advantages in life. I want them to be successful. I need good tools for that.

I did a inventory of what they know and what they want to learn this semester. I was so impressed with my colleague and I told it. The kids have so many skills already in place, so I could go digital directly with these kids. Amazing. What a difference when kids have good teachers, it makes such a big difference in skills and preknowledge. Amazing. I am so happy. Kids with knowledge have such great powers to do more in life.

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