#DetoxInternet & #DetoxMusicIndustry

Wanna be a gamechanger? Wanna change the world? Wanna have less drugs? Wanna have a better future for all our future children? Help me influence politicians, public and famous people to change the rules for Internet. Let’s forbid drugs like smoking, alcohol and narcotics to be visualised in any way online! Constant exposure creates a “normality” of something. It is not normal to use drugs and become an addict. It is not how we are supposed to live. Drugs come hand in hand with problems of abuse, rape, criminality, accidents and so much more. Many people loose judgment when they use drugs. So let’s create a better future for our children by not influencing them to start using drugs. Help me #DetoxInternet & #DetoxMusicIndustry. Be a gamechanger. Be remembered as one of the driving forces to change the world.

Let’s not have any more musick, but only wonderful healthy music.


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