Lasershows instead of fireworks

Lasershows instead of fireworks. They are soundless almost and don’t disturb animals to get stressed. Lasershows should however be based on green technology and green electrics, nothing else. Otherwise they are bad for the environment. We need to care for mother Earth and all life. Some cities in Sweden have given lasershows this year. More are coming. But new years eve there was a lot of fireworks going on. A lot of waste of the environment going up in smoke with fireworks. Just as all others years, here in Stockholm. I didn’t fire even one. I don’t believe I ever have fired off any actually.

So this year I plan to study and work. Just as usual. I also plan to be a lobbyist, as usual. Trying to get a drugfree Internet. I cannot understand how fucked up most artists are. In Avicii’s latest video, that he promotes New years day on Twitter he has bottles that automatically code as “alcoholic beverages” because of the shape and colors. He still had to use that association, he just couldn’t stop the madness. He was even sick from partying. Avicii has even had surgery on the gall bladder, that is located next to the liver, wondering why he needed that? Cause? At Nyhetssida & Expressen we can read that Avicii was drugged & unhappy. (Nyhetssida) (Expressen) According to Nyheter24 Avicii drank alcohol around the clock.(Nyheter24) According to Café Avicii has said that his problem was that every day was a party. (Café) Source for surgery is one of the links below. You can see the documentary, then you understand how sick he was.
Well anyway, Avicii or any artist for that matter shouldn’t promote a drugged lifestyle as normal in his music videos and @instagram-images unintentionally or intentionally. Unfortunately he does, even though I have tried to get him understand the implications of those. I have pointed it out many times. Yet he continues. I could see how naive Tim was in the documentary. Just like his manager points out in the documentary, I too happen to think Avicii is childish and naive. Perhaps I wanna add blue-eyed to it. He does mention something when he receives critic about drugs on shows in the media… he says he is not the only artist there. No, he isn’t, but that doesn’t make any drugs right anyway. I can understand how naive he is in reasoning. I wish he grew up and understood how Pavlov’s dogs work.

Exposure makes you believe something is normal. Exposure for a long time makes people think its normal, even though it is not. I don’t want these drug promo’s out there. In Sweden it is illegal to promote drugs, but somehow social media is slipping through the fingers out there. I wanna tell the whole music industry to change. I want Avicii to be the first one to change. According to Billboard Avicii got sick because of eccessive drinking. I’m gonna make him understand his impact til he does stop the drug promo’s online, he shouldn’t make others think drinking is “normal”. Constant expose makes you think its normal. So I wanna give Avicii constant expore to know drinking is not normal. Exposure. On and on, the rest of his life, if he doesn’t stop promoting drugs in his videos and music. I will continue til he does end the drug promo’s. Even the subliminal are not okay. If I save even one child, it is worth allt the effort. Help me. Comment all artists that promote drugs. Send links to YouTube-films that tell ’em how bad drugs are. Tell ’em they are no better than a drug dealer when they glamourise drugged lifestyles. I hope the future is smarter and the new generation is even smarter and forbids drug promo’s online in total. Wanna be part of the smart future? Stop drug promo’s online. Be the smart one. For a better world, with less crime, abuse, rape, terrorism, war. Yepp. Just by fighting drugs in images online. Be smart. Help the future generations get rid of bad role models.

This new years eve I was at home with my family. We ate new years dinner. We met some neighbours when we went outside to watch the fireworks. They didn’t fire off any fireworks either, we just looked all over the neighbourhood. We cheered in non alcoholic beverages, as usually. The kid was with us. Before this we had eaten a three course dinner made by my partner.

Well. Last year ended as usual and a new begun. Regular day, as any other. Did exams. School work. I still have a lot to do. I am not up for it, but I do it anyway. My work starts within a week. Feels shitty to go to my hometown for three weeks, just because I said yes on the phone. I then got a new job a few days later. I accepted the new job, but then the city wanted me to work my notice time. It is obviously one month. Didn’t think we had an agreement until I signed a contract, which I still haven’t. Well. The union said I could fuck it, they cannot withhold any salary. But I wouldn’t be able to get work there again… the union warned me. Since I wanna live in my hometown I don’t wanna risk that. I just didn’t want that job because of my asthma. I cannot do the work without risking my health really. Better I work with my subject only. Safer. I also have didactic competence and experience of my subject. Better for all parties. But I guess I still have to do the other subject 3 weeks. My friend said I could live with my friend. Well. I haven’t decided what yet.

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