Somewhere in Stockholm

Listening to some lyrics it might seem as Avicii lost his backbone somewhere in Stockholm. (Referencing to lyrics). Well so have many others too. So what promise didn’t Avicii keep? Who is he in love with still? He is still not home in Stockholm… wondering whose lyrics these really are… probably a invented story, just like the Brother Grimm’s stories? There probably isn’t any truth to any of the invented, or perhaps even stolen, stories in those songs? Perhaps borrowed, if done with the story owners permission that is? Who knows? Did he have permission to “borrow” from blogs, if there is any truth in the article I found online? Did he? Did he got his inspirations from blogs? If so, I’m wondering who those poor bloggers are… do they even know?
Well, the name Avicii suites him, it is the lowest form of hell written with one i. But I guess he says I in the end, is he meaning himself in the lowest form of hell? Who knows? Well, here is a story in form of music, from Avicii sang by Daniel Adams Rays beautiful voice. If the story is real? I don’t know. I don’t think we’ll ever know, if Avicii doesn’t spell it out load himself. If he “borrowed” it, then from whome? If it’s himself, then why doesn’t he do anything about it? Oh right, he lost his backbone, somewhere in Stockholm….haha. (Referencing to the lyrics). Sorry. My humor. I encourage people to find their backbone, if they did loose it. I like saying things on my mind. I have a real solid backbone myself. Haven’t lost it wondering through hell. Always had a backbone from my teens. At least the mental backbone, the other one… the biological one is so fucked with bad genes… that I blame on two parents that never should have had me in the first place. They shouldn’t have concived a child at all. That is my backbone thinking out load. The world had been better off and I would be spared this hellhole Stockholm, a shitty place. I actually think Avicii nails the problem with Stockholm in the lyrics. So perhaps you needed to loose your backbone in Stockholm Avicii? If there is any truth to it… which I don’t know, since I have never met Avicii and I never will. I don’t want to either. Not ever. I am one generation older and I don’t hang around 28 year olds. They where like babies when I was in high school. I could be their parent, that is how old I am. I am not friends with such young people. They are not my generation and naturally I hang around my own age and at the most those passed 30+, but more friends are 40+, even 50+. So I wouldn’t know what it’s like to have no backbone around under 30 in Stockholm. So if there is a promise he didn’t keep (referencing tot he lyrics again), then I think he should honor that promise and fucking keep it. Stuff it up his own ass. But then again, what kind of promise was it? Perhaps it was impossible to keep? If it wasn’t impossible to keep, then why didn’t he?

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