So I will get to go to the opera for the first time ever. Cinderella was my Christmas present. I have never been to the opera. I also want to go to balett, which I never have gone to as audience. I have however danced balett myself, which is bad for my diagnosis that I have. It is also bad to have trained budo sports, which I also have. Because all those things make the diagnosis worse, because they enhance the bad in my body, since my body gets too flexible. Because of that, it then gets stiff when I get old, which I guess I am, old that is… middle age. Well anyway. I will go to see Cinderella opera. Even if I don’t understand what they sing, I know the story, so it doesn’t really matter if I cannot understand when they sing. Hmm… It is a real opera with all the wonderful costumes. Dresscode is free, but they say many dress up, but it is not necessary. Of course I won’t go in a old rag, I will take my dark blue dress, that I had at the friends wedding. It is not over dressed, it is just a nice dress. Well. So I guess I will go to the Opera at the Opera. Haha. For the first time ever. I have some must do’s on my list. This is one of them. The other one is balett.

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