So I have done some filming, for my documentary. It is very much dystopia feel to half of my material. But now I also have the interview, that I wanna put in the documentary. In my film no people are visible, only hands and voices and other sounds are available, otherwise there are no people in my documentary. I want it that way. Unpersonal. Still personal… I am guessing. It is a documentary about my old school. Now I have interviewed a museum staff about how it was when the school once started. Now I have also gotten supervised access to see the other non accessable parts of the school, that I couldn’t with the key I borrowed. The closed parts I now have filmed. I didn’t recognise my old class room, it looked different from what I remembered. Smaller. I think that is so strange. It felt as if they had built a wall. The person showing me around couldn’t really say. How come it looks so much smaller? The other classroom didn’t look smaller, but this one does. I was around 8 and 9 years old in that classroom. I thought our classroom was way much bigger in my thoughts. Strange. I tried to be shorter… but still it looked bigger in reality in my mind.

Well. I still need to cut the movie and do a first draft.

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