Sleeping over

I am staying at my mums next time I go to my hometown to work my final 2 weeks. I don’t have to pay rent at mums. I also have my own apartment to stay at there. It is one room and a kitchen. But I have to share it with maniac cats than run all over during the night time. They are like playful small rats during the night. The bed is more comfy than at my siblings. But otherwise I have a kitchen, bathroom right next to the room. Practical, I don’t ever have to go upstairs. I can isolate myself in my siblings old room. I never lived in that house. We lived much closer to the city core when I lived at home. This house is bigger than the other one was in my late teens. But the other one had a central location. Well. I am staying there, since my last salary is this month and it won’t be big, since I am off work one week. I have paid the bills in advance. We have the house loan & the house community fee coming next month. I will try to not create any new invoices. One of those is to stay with my mum’s for free. No rent. Closer to work, less spending of gas. My mum seems happy to have me there. She don’t see me that much, since I am in Stockholm mostly since ~1,5 decade.

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