Mike Posner and Tim Bergling. What do they have in common? They cannot take critic. They both blocked me on Instagram. Bear also blocks me on Instagram… but he takes the critic on Twitter. Mike blocks me on Twitter too. Avicii might block me even there… who the fuck knows? I don’t fucking care about the rich spoiled brats. They need to take resonsibility for their own actions and cannot handle critic. They need to handle critic, all I have got in my life was critic and people treated me like shit. So the only thing different is that I am poor and they are rich brats in the music industry.

We don’t need sexist men in the music industry. We don’t need to promote violence in the music industry. The music industry uses electrics and electronics and they need to go green tech and green electrics, for all our future generations. They also set a stamp as “role models” and then they shouldn’t promote drugs on social media. Music industry needs to change now. They too. At least in the public eye and what they promote out there…

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