The doctor said, you don’t have any signs of the injury anymore, those have healed. But you got something else instead… fuck yeah.  That was fucking worse. Not better. That was like a thing that doesn’t fucking go away. My whole fucking legs are fucked up. My whole body. Yeah. What a relief. Your injury has healed, but you’ve got a fucking diagnosis instead. The doctor asked me if I was working. I said yes. My doctor said I am not allowed to walk in stairs and bike. WTF? That makes it even worse, what the doctor said. I was recommended to start swimming. Fucking yeah. I am allergic to fucking bathhouses. At least mentally. I am fucking obese, I don’t wanna be in a fucking bath house. I hate swimming… I mostly just drown. I wasn’t to thrilled. I might have vitamin lack… yeah… that I don’t think I have, since Sweden puts A and D vitamines in the milk and I drink milk. Hmm… To know more I really needed to do some tests… I just wanted to fucking go to the physio therapist to make my knee stop moving around like a fucking maniac. I didn’t want a fucking diagnosis for something else. Hell yeah. So now I have a body that is even more fucked? And ashma and scoliosis and what the fuck else? Allergies.. goes with the ashma… Still living, walking, beathing… wtf? Oh yeah PCO-s. All my things are all genetics. Just genetic disorders. Fucking really bad genes. Good thing I will never make or carry any other children. My body wouldn’t be able to anyways. And PCO-s keeps all kids away. By now even old age. Hehe. Well, we all are fucked up somehow. Even kids I haven’t carried have their genetic things…

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