My mum told me that her dad had a strange language. She recently started thinking about it. He spoke Swedish mixed with my mother’s mother tounge language. She said the words he used and they are totally Swedish. My mum never reflected on that, but now, when she is older she has started to think about it. Her father was from Vasa and it is a town in Finland with many Swedish speaking people. But the real fin’s shouldn’t really speak Swedish, but since he obviously did… I’m thinking, was my grandfather of Swedish origin? I have no clue. Nobody has done genealogy. It would be very strange if he was, because my other grandfather’s genes are. Am I even more Swedish? Strange that emigration made us so non Swedish in this day an age.

I looked up the names my mum mentioned. Some people have researched both of those surnames to the 16th Century. That is really old. Both surnames existed in the 16th Century. That is really old. Seems like at least one was a farmer. One of the family names have owned so called goods too(richer farms). So I guess they where wealthy. Well. Nobody of us has researched. On my father’s side they have, but not my mum’s side. Bad genes still. My mum told me her grandmother was 180 cm long and slim. Interesting. If I could have had kids, they could have been tall… I’m guessing? But I will never have any biological kids. I don’t want to.

I could pay someone to do that research. I don’t wanna do it myself.

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