Avicii’s new video is sexist & shows drugs

The women shows more skin and there is both alcohol and smoking in Aviciis latest music video, that is being released on Monday next week. It seems nothing from the Swedish school system about gender equality has stuck to Avicii and his team. The man could show his legs as much as the women, but yet Avicii and many other artists continue showing that women shouldn’t wear pants. As if they don’t have the pants in the family, a stereotype, discriminating idea of women’s place in families. As if men are the only ones with pants in the family. Pants is really a symbol for power and the expression is about who has the power. Therefor Avicii and his team feeds stereotype gender roles in this video. Bad for gender equality.

The video also has a frozen scene with tobacco and alcohol, as well as anger/agression. The man shows aggression in that scene. It is also a stereotype negative idea that men are aggressive. Even if science shows men are more aggressive, we don’t need to feed those ideas. Yet, this is what artists like Avicii and Hollywood in general only does. They work against women in power by their gender stereotype world views.

By having smoking and alcohol in your videos without warnings, you promote the abuse really. Many kids are abused at home by drug addicted parents. Either beaten or neglected or assaulted in some ways. Drugs are often connected to this. So do we want more abused children victim to drugs? Avicii isn’t especially smart giving drugs space in his videos. It should be forbidden to glamorize drugs in media. We shouldn’t promote drugs in a positive manner at any time. By not promoting drugs in social media or media, you might help some kids to not fall victim from drugs or abuse by drugs.

Smoking causes a lot of sickness and we shouldn’t promote smoking that kills a lot of people every year. I think Avicii gets fail on the newest video “Lonely together”.

When the women is drained in pants with torn edges she looks like it’s her public hair. It does associate to being totally nude. She looks a lot like white trash, as many girls do in places Avicii has played. Perhaps those pantieless girls is the normal for Avicii? It would have been fair to make the man pantieless as well. Why is he all dressed, but not her? How sexist and stereotype. He also makes her steal money at the bar and makes her even more white trash, or someone that is like a Bonnie, a thief, that really doesn’t care about what’s right or wrong. Just as his lyrics in another video “Without you”. Avicii sure glorifies criminality and revenge in other videos as well. The question is why? Does he know a lot of criminals? Is that his crowd? Or is he just doing these videos to get the white trash people’s money? Is he just greedy and does it for marketing, without thinking about the images he projects to our youth on our planet? It is very bias that he makes this white trash girl also to a thief?

Perhaps Avicii wants to be surrounded by drugs with a women without pants? Perhaps Avicii must be this sexist, having the pants in the family? What a old fashioned stereotype idea. Time for Avicii to expand his world view and perhaps be the one without the pants for a while? Perhaps you should not try to be the lowest form of hell (=the meaning of Avici, the name of the album) Avicii?