Kids give grey hair

This kid said I am not it’s parent. I asked if the other one of us was. The kid said no. Nobody is my parent the kid replayed. I said we are both it’s parents, even if it doesn’t want us to be. It does this when it is angry with any of us. It is testing us. It gives me gray hair. It says it can move out and live in a tent. I told it we have a tent in the backyard. The kid said it is not a real tent. However it is. The kid then said it didn’t want to be in our backyard. I then asked where it was going. I don’t think the kid thought it threw. It just wanted me to grant it to be at its friend. But we couldn’t. I tell my partner the kid needs to go talk with someone. My partner thinks I over react. Shit. I just try to confirm. We are the parents, even though not biological. It doesn’t ask for those either. It doesn’t understand our decisions always. Like we cannot let it go to a friend when one of us works and the other one has to go somewhere, when neither of us are available for the friends parent if they need us. We cannot put ourselves in that position, letting a friends parent, that we really don’t know that much take on such responisibility. That is why we say no, the kids has to go with one of us parents and it doesn’t want to. It is different if my partner and I go to the movies and have a baby sitter. Well, then we can always go home, if we have to, at any time. If the kid needs us, at least one of us must always be available. Both of us cannot both be tied up. We have to be free to go, if needed. The kid doesn’t understand, even though we explain these things. Kids are rebellious… that gives me grey hair. It’s easy feeling less as a parent. Fuck…. I wonder why this kid does all these tests on us… I cannot stand them… I just want the kid to comply and say. Of, course, we’ll go when it’s time. Not talking back all the time. It is awfully tiredsome. I get grey hair from that.

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