I need to get used to my new chair. My ass hits the curve, it feels different. It is also much harder to push backwards. But it will do. I’ll get used to it, it has more support for my bad back, I guess I need that. It is black and pink, of course. A racer chair. Costs only 2895SEK. Of course, it could feed a village in India a couple of days. But I needed a good chair. I expect to use it for a long while. My partner now has the old. My partner clangs on to old stuff, including me. Haha. Well. At least the chair is montaged now. It has not been for some days. I’m glad I now get to try it out. If I don’t get friends with it, my partner gets it. I get a new one… but then it won’t be this color, the bigger chairs are orange and black and other strange colors.

Well. So I have been doing some on my home exam. I have four questions. So I think I will do one this day. Or night…hehe. Then the next on Monday… but why do I work on Monday? I was really free, but said I was free. Asking if I should go on the intro. I don’t actually know. Better I stay home, do the exams this week.

I need to call some schools and ask them about the last practise period for my other education. I rather stay in Sweden, since I don’t really have money to rent an apartment in Finland or Norway right now. We’ll just have to be patient and wait til tomorrow to know about that. Perhaps I need to remind the collage to help me…Hmm…. I already have a school in Norway and Finland set up, but the best would be Stockholm or my hometown. Doesn’t cost money. There I can stay at my parents… not optimal. But… mum knows what my plan is at least.

I am supposted to have exams also next week… in the class I lack, but I have no plans to do it. I should unlist from the exam.

So right now I am in limbo…work… or do practise period directly? Plan was to do it now.

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