No worries

At least I won’t have to worry about people not knowing how to say my name at the new work place. The vice principal carries the same first name. The other one carries my surname… very funny. That person says one of my name means paradise in arabic. Interesting.

They made a perfect interview. It is a religious background on the foundation that runs the school. Therefor I felt I needed to look proper at work.

I got to meet the kids, staff and have a good walk-through at the school. I have free food and eat with the kids every day. I never have more than half class alone. If I have a full class I always have another adult in the room.

They buy Ipad pro’s to all the kids, just for me, if the one’s they have are not. I am allowed to design the class room fully to my liking as well.

Even though everything looks great, I am so injured by life… it’s hard for me to belive good things. Even though everything points it to this work place being good, there are some things that worry. They have gotten critic from the school inspection. They have fixed those things now.

I am worried. Saying something else would be untruthful. I am so scared. If you only new how hard it is for me to start in a school I’ve never worked at before. I am so scared. I cry. Pretty often right now. I have even applied for other jobs. The interview I got in my hometown had to much alarms going off, so I cannot accept that job. I would probably go under of all the stress. In this other school I don’t need to tutor 15 kids, just a couple. I don’t have to work full-time, like I would have to at the other. The schedule they showed me at my hometown didn’t even have lunch breaks more than 30 minutes between classes. I would end up burned out. At this school I’ve gotten a job at – the salary for full-time is 35 000kr. I get to eat free lunch everyday with the kids. I don’t have to be at work when I have no classes, just as long as I do the grading, paper work and so, then I’m free to do it anywhere. Well. Still I worry a lot. Past experiences… not helpful.


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