I am going to an interview, in my hometown. A good job, not at the dreamjob place though. I haven’t heard anything from them yet. Well. So I will go to my hometown to attend an interview. I have worked in that community, so I am thinking I might be able to get a permanent job directly when I graduate, since I have so much hours already there in previous years. My sibling didn’t have to have trial employment because of that same reason. I however cannot get permanent job until I do the exams. But I might suggest they give a permanent job as something else, give me leave of absence and then place me at this position as a temp with a promise of a permanent job once I graduate. Perhaps it is possible. I don’t know if it is, but I can always ask. I need a permanent job there in order to move there. I need to buy a house there. For that I need a permanent job. Well, first I have to be offered the job. If that happens, I don’t know. The salary in my hometown is less than in Stockholm. But I will still try to get it high up, because they also need to get higher salaries in my hometown. My sibling has not graduated and works in my hometown as a teacher’s assistant and that isn’t a really good salary. My friend works as a teacher and that person doesn’t have a good salary either, but my friend is not a top knock teacher. I don’t like the persons values outside the school either, but I don’t believe that those values show in school, but I know what values it has. I think some people are somehow… unknownledgeble about things. I think it’s do to lack of insight. Well. I need a higher salary to afford to live there. Therefor I cannot accept anything. My partner won’t come with me. It says I have to commute. I don’t think I will. My partner will have to commute. I won’t. Our current living is very cheap, it doesn’t add much cost to living, so it’s possible to have it as the extra living quaters for my partner. The kid has to choose, weather to stay with my partner or me during the weeks, if I get a job there. I’m hoping that if I do start working there and if I like to be there… then my partner can move back home with me. Since I haven’t lived there for 13 years I don’t know how I will feel about living there. I have had summer house there though, but it’s not the same thing. If I do buy something there, it can be used as a summer house if I don’t enjoy living there. That means I won’t buy something in a central location that is expensive. I will just buy a cottage of some sort.

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