Dead people

One person, that I know, that grew up in a so called bad neighbourhood a la “miljonprogram”, as we call them in Sweden (million program area’s), told me that 5 childhood friends where dead. Due to drugs too often. My cousin has a history of being a drug addict. It has been in jail several times and in rehab. Finally it got free and then had a relapse and this time it didn’t go so good. It lost body parts. Well. Drugs are not fun. I have worked at rehab for drug abusers and I’ve seen what drugs does to your appearance, family life and ruins people’s self-worth. Drugs make you do criminal acts, lower your self value and if you do it long enough your appearance suffers, you get the terrible drug addict look. So why do people do drugs? I usually think it is people who cannot handle reality. Reality is something you should experience, it makes you grow as a person and you evolve. Drugs don’t make you evolve. It makes you closer to dying and it ruins your life. My cousin has a child, that one also has suffered from not having one present reliable parent. Not just drugs as narcotics is a bad thing. Alcohol is a bad thing. The institute has both types of clients, both narcotic patients and alcohol and pill abuse addictions. None is a pretty look and many life’s are ruined because of those addictions. Many of drug addicts also do smoke… strange, but true observation. They somehow go hand in hand. Smoking makes other suffer, it takes all the clean air away. I’ve worked at the hospital too, so I’ve seen what smoking, drugs and so on can do to people’s bodies. In fact I am often there when people are dying. Dying from what originally was sickness caused by drug abuse. It’s not a pretty sight. Still people do drugs. I want to forbid drugs. In all forms. You don’t need to abuse drugs to live. If you are not sick there is no reason for you to do drugs. Drugs is you doing a slow suicide of yourself’s and depriving yourself from everything you could do in life.

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