I took over the household… haha. I took over the work room when my computer started to be shit. But I now gave my computer a second life. So I connected it to my new keyboard, mouse and monitor, headphones and old speakers. So now I’m back with my software suite, as I should. But my laptop is no longer a laptop. It is stationary now… the fucking keyboard is shitty. Well. Anyway. My partner gets the computer back… but not the work room. It’s mine and this is how it will be. This is my work room now. My things are already here, all my books, my partner’s too, of course. But I think I will make a wooden desktop on the guest bed, so I can use it from my studio stuff. I’m gonna change a little bit in this room. I want my art to be possible in this room. But I need to change the bed to a desk when here are no guests. My partner has been in the living room for a while now, with my computer, but now it gets its old computer back. I bought a monitor, keyboard and mouse I like. Didn’t like the old one, my eyes got so tired. So well. Changed scenery. I want also the cupboards out from the kitchen area, to the garden, so all waste can be put outside. A roof built over it. Then I have space for the studio too. My partner promised to do it next year. So be it. Until then, this is my work room now. Next year my studio also is here, right outside this work room. So I took command of the upper floor. Need to buy a TV, that I can have on the wall, that I do miss in the work room, a TV. Hmm… I don’t watch TV much at all. But I like to see the news.

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