I’m expecting our child to arrive home, after being on vacation from us parents. I’m expecting a grandparents longing kid, that means it wants us when it’s away and when it’s home it wants to go back to the grandparents… haha. Well, reality check when kid is home. No more child vacation, which both us have needed so bad. It has been great to have some time for us to just be. All parents should have the luxury to be without the kid a couple of weeks per year. Kids need it too. Being with parents all the time cannot be fun. I had my weeks at my relatives when I was a kid. Mum left me there during holidays and then she went off on her own. Sometimes I stayed with my aunt and sometimes with my grandmother. I think it is good for kids to be somewhere else than home a couple of weeks per year. They grow emotionally from it as well.

Today seems to be a beautiful windy day with a clear blue sky with some nice white clouds. The pets seem relaxed.

I have no musts’ and buts, like yesterday. I had a head ace yesterday also. Wasn’t the best day of my life really. I recycled garbage waste and other waste as well. But it’s done, feels great. What should I do today? I don’t know. I must not do anything special.

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