Pro bono?

Hmmm…. My sibling is married to a producer. It can do what others just dream about. 3D-modelling, cutting and all those things with high quality. Well. Anyway. I asked what it cost to cut a film. It said that if you have a script and already know what you want to cut, then it is a one week job for a 45 minute documentary. Hmm… then it said it could do it for me as family… haha. Sometimes it is a good thing to have family…

But that makes it possible to not start with a budget. Have the camera, memory cards… and a script. Then the cutting will be professional as it can get. With zero budget. It’s possible to do something at least. Then I know. No budget. Who knows what could be done… well. At least I’ve got the option 2 make a high quality production on the cutting and texts and such. Me doing it… naa, don’t even have that quality, even though I could do the basic. Not compared 2 someone who does it as a profession.

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