I knew I missed something

Well, I started looking for a date the other day, but couldn’t find it. It was  pretty recently. Well. I found the date today, a little bit to late, since the person is now in Asia again. Well. I simply didn’t know the date and couldn’t find it online, so I let it be and thought it had already been. The person flew home just recently… had I known… I would had wanted to say hi. I guess that will not happen. And I won’t go travelling either… so guess that opportunity is gone. Sorry for my kid though, I think my kid should have meet the person. I really think it should have…

I had not planned to meet the person. I had only thought about it. I thought I would be working. But since I wasn’t… I could have gone there on the meeting, but I didn’t say I was going. I didn’t know if that person would be there either… and I was only interested in meeting that person and noone else. I don’t like to mingle.

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