3. Chapter. The gift of paradise.

Fiction by Living Forum.

She knows Earth is her home. She knows what Earth is, she is part of Earth. She also knows how it works, even though she cannot explain it, that is for the biologists and geologists to explain. But she knows how God created Earth, but not as the stories set it out. Many have questioned the story of Adam & Eve. Many non believers think Earth wasn’t created in 7 days. Well, partly that is true, but at the same time Earth was created in 7 days. But God’s days where not 7 24h days, time was different back them. Days came later on. How come she knows? Her heart tells her so, her soul knows. The world is complicated. It is a universe. Of which there are many secrets left to reveal. They are many. Earth is her place. There she lives. With the people. They are really her people, but they don’t know it. Some are especially chosen. God wanted it that way. God gave them free will. God wanted it that way. On the cost of humanity destroying itself. God created her, so God could wake her up, in every life she ever lived when humanity went to far. God gifted her with the power of God’s will. More powerful than anything else. But God knew she wouldn’t use it to do illwill. She is a menace, that God knows. God loves her a lot. God loves her menace. In many ways God is a menace too. God is both good and evil. God wonders in dispar quite often too. God tried to make a automatic system. God programmed a world with nature laws, everything is really affected by each choice made in the system. Those that understand, they understand it. Buddhist are pretty good in understanding God’s cause and affect. They try to not do any harm. Some even sweep around their feet to not kill an insect. God appreciates those that do it, God gift’s them with nirvana. Eternal sleep, they don’t have to suffer in the eternal prison anymore, if that is what they strive for. Some just want a ticket out, some don’t wanna suffer anymore. God is also taking flesh. Feeling everything. God created Earth as God’s home. God is reborn in every life. It isn’t easy to be God in the flesh. God often don’t know it is God. Sometimes God is in many spices at once. God can change places, if God wants to. God has the possibility to use any of the species as God’s instrument. Anytime, anyplace. God is consistent of three parts. The parent, the child and the holy ghost. Usually the child wanders the Earth. The parent is the all-seeing-eye watching us, through our sun. Then we have the holy ghost, that is the spirit God wakes when it needs to handle issues on the planet. There is a automated alarm system, when balance is bad. Anytime Earth can self destruct and the system can be rebooted. The people on Earth don’t understand this is so. God can do it anytime, anyplace, anywhere… and if humanity does too much harm… God will reboot it all and God already has all the time in the world. God does what God wants. Nobody controls God in the end. However secret societies that wanted the powers of God have tried to find the persons that God uses on Earth, so they can have the power on Earth. They have really hacked into the God system. Just like a cracker. But when Earth is set in motion to badness too much, God overrides any such control. This happens when Earth is too much unbalanced. Once the God soldiers, that come in 100 000 people, are awake, they too see it all so clearly. They are spread all over the world. They are all connected in spirit. They can feel the breeze of a loved one, as a gentle touch of air… anytime and anyplace. They to see it. They however don’t know each other, but they can identify themselves by looking deep into each other’s eyes. They are selected. Protectors of the Earth. They are a species with a different soul, than the rest. They are God’s angel army. They protect our Earth. Some are in legions. Regular people of Earth don’t know this is so. Once again times are so bad, that God has started to wake up God’s army and all the spirits on Earth. All the angels connect back to her. She can manifest to the world through them all. Mother Earth is sick and needs help. God’s army needs to turn it all around, from drugs, idolisation, shoppoholism, fossile fuels, over consumption and so on. Will they concer and get Earth’s population to listen? Listen to the signs of truth?

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