Oh my God – My dream job just came out

I’m gonna apply. Fuck Stockholm. Oh my God. I’m gonna have my best teacher’s job. The one that died last year. His job came out. In my old school. Fuck yeah. I’m gonna apply. I am totally right for the job. I get to move back to my home town. Who knows, maybe even be able to buy a fucking house. Fuck my husband. I don’t fucking care about him. He doesn’t want to move back. I want to. I always wanted to. Never liked Stockholm. Yepp. Gonna apply. Everybody fucking knows me… but if they remember me? I have no idea. I liked my teachers in that school, not the kids in my class, but in my parallel class. Well, anyways. That job is totally right. I know the class room. I like it. I loved that teacher. Would be a honer to teach there.Go in his footsteps. I have no idea what the competition is. I don’t care. Gonna apply anyway.

Oh yeah. Application written. Application sent. Let’s see what happens.

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