Royal library

Haha. Just realised. Since my siblings material is available to borrow at the Royal library… and I’m not, since I haven’t written anything and my other sibling is not from Sweden, so then it is not available there. Well, anyway. I have been on the news, in the news papers and in a magasin. So I guess I’m also available to borrow, but harder to find. Cannot really search for me as an author. Have to look manually in the newspapers, magasines and so on. So I guess I’m also there… stored away forever. Haha. Hilarious.

When I start to think about it… I have written a lot of things… but not signed them with my name… hmmm…. haha. They are also available there. Very hard to find. Not even I would be able to track my own record. I think I was around 12 when I first wrote an article in a magasin. It was named Okey. Hmmm…. that is a long time ago. I remember one thing in that article, but not more than that. I used a signature, not my name.

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