Questions about Swedish salary

In Sweden we have a penis addition to your salary. You simply earn more money for having a penis of your own. Imagine that. 4000SEK more per month, or even 12%. Isn’t it great to be a man in Sweden?

Oh, you are a women? Then we have pussy-reduction on your salary each month! We even offer you 12% lower pay, just for having that pussy organ. Isn’t it awesome?

We are the “most equal country” in the world… still want to live in fake equalness? Sweden is a country full of shit. We are not equal. Women are still being treated badly on the job market. Sweden has a long way to go and we are nowhere near reaching equality between genders. We still differentiate genders in all systems in society. Why? Oh, the people that rule Sweden are just plain stupid people… that’s all, they don’t know better. Somehow the dumb fucks are chosen every time to rule our country. The Swedish people in majority still seem dumb, that is probably why… or men are just greedy. Could be both. I live in Sweden, I myself am a dumb fuck most likely. Why do you even read this?


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