I have ordered the books I’m gonna read in my summer classes. They seem interesting and go in line with my interests. I have books about it already, but not the ones on the list. I am already very in to what the classes are about. Now I will get to read my interests at the university. It will be great. The new job is connected to the knowledge about what I am going to gain. So it is just great. The employer has been influenced indirectly by the thing I am going to read about. Interesting that I chose a course that would connect to my new employer. Interesting how destiny guides me in some ways. I still have my free will. I have afterall made this choice. I applied to two summer classes, I got in to one, the best one. The other one… I wouldn’t have wanted to attend.

Summer term is on. Spring term is over. In autumn next term is on for yet another year. Waow. I am amazing. I love myself.

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