Last “work free day”

I didn’t get much free days between summer job and university studies. Only this weekend. I even have homework for my summer job. I need to learn a lot of shit. I just need to learn. No rest, just work. I don’t mind. On the national day I am free to be with my family, my married partner and our child and our pets. Our family. Our country, even though we originate from three different countries, this is the country we have chosen to live and stay in. Sweden. Not a good country in many ways, but in other ways it is better than other countries. Life is what life is. I live. I breathe. I have a family. I have work. I have many educations. I struggle. I have luck. I do what I have to do. If that means changing you, then perhaps. But not on purpose, but yes, I do speak my mind. I always will, as long as I can speak I will speak my mind, no matter what anybody else thinks. I am entitled to my words, just as any other. I am entitled to my priorities. They are not yours to make.

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