Completed last class for this term

Now I have done the oral and written examinations on the last class for this education. I now have one class left undone, a class from spring last year. I will do it later on. It feels great to have completed the education.
There seems to be a lot of work. I got four interviews, attended three and took on one assignment. Got three job offers. That is 100% of attended interviews. Haha. Valuable education. Yet another called me today. I simply had to say I wasn’t available right now.

It feels great. Doing the best I can. Studying 150-200% per term. Feels great having done so much in such a little time. I now have to go and get the kid. I really had all day until midnight to complete the exams. But I feel I did a really good job. I have kept it down to the allowed amount of words. I have trimmed it and mapped it to the course goals. I think I done it good. Feels great. I passed the oral examination at the university earlier this week. Feels great.

Now I have one dinner to attend with my class mates next week, to finalize it all. Feels great.

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