Dressing up

So going shopping with a grumpy super spoiled kid that gotten most material stuff it ever needed in life… isn’t the easiest. Then when I tell the kid it is grumpy and I don’t very much enjoy its company going shopping when it is in the grumpy mood. The problem is, the past half year has been grumpy every week mostly. Not a week without grumpyness. Very enerving, very disturbing for parents. I have spoke about it and told the kid how I feel when it is like oposite attitude towards anything, no matter what. Then the kid pulls out the adopted part. “Return me to the orphanage then”. Fuck. I told the kid that I am its parent for the rest of its life, so is my partner, no matter if we live together or not. I told it it is a lifetime parenthood and no, you cannot return kids. Fuck. It’s coming. That age. A lot of those thoughts that don’t come out right. Hmm. It’s not easy being a parent.

We didn’t buy any, but I mail ordered the right size to the kid, after seeing the clothes fit for the wedding we are attending. We are going there as the dark blue family. All of us matching each other.

So I have two events coming up. Graduation dinner with my class mates and a wedding. Top it with summer work and summer classes. Busy enough, right?

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