I said yes to going to dinner with my class mates. Took phone numbers to those I wish to be able to contact also. Many of us have gotten jobs, which feels great. I am so happy for them. Many of those I’ve chosen to keep contact with have also been working before in other areas and finally gotten unemployed. Just as me, they got tired of being unemployed. One of them said today that it only got like one interview in 50 jobs when it was a chemist. Now it had applied for just a few jobs and already gotten an interview. It was nervous and asked me for advice. I told it that it could lift up how it liked to work and how it wanted to implement that work. It was going to an interview today. I think that employer will be happy with her, she is really gifted and has a doctor’s degree in chemistry before she chose to reeducate herself. I also got the number to some of the other’s with doctor’s degrees, since I seem to have been mostly interacting with them. Perhaps we where more the same. Many of us don’t want to work full-time. We think people consume us and therefore we won’t have energy to work full-time. Well. I am glad everything seems to work out for them. Some are going to continue to study one more year. It is as I, that will study one more year and work part-time, since I cannot get more student loans. I used up all my seven years.

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