Proudly annoncing…

… that I have updated my wardrobe with some clothes that are serious and look the job part. Feels great. I’ve complemented my existing one. So it is not all leisure style. Now it is relaxed buisness too. Feels great. A lot of dark blue got into the wardrobe… I actually like dusty pink… but the stores are full of blue right now. Well, I like blue too. So I don’t mind. The pieces can also be mixed with my existing stuff, so it looks good.

Today I have been doing gardening. I still have some work to do. I need to climb a ladder, but I don’t know if I will do that…or try to get someone else to do it. My partner is working too much, so I cannot really ask my partner to do it right now. The neighbour is pretty helpful. I know it would help if I did ask. Or my friend. I haven’t decided yet.

I have no time off this summer. When school ends, summer classes starts. I will be busy. Then my work in my new educational field starts. Feels nervous. Really nervous, but I’ve been doing that job for many years now. I only have two more exams to take before I have my graduation. One I will do in the autumn, if I have to. I could have done it the 1st of June, but I have the other classes to attend, so I cannot study for both. I don’t have time either because of the other exams collide. So the autumn could be one option.

They have some kind of sermon for newly graduates. But I don’t wanna attend because I lack two exams. But my class mate said it didn’t matter, it is just a sermon and you get a diploma. But that is somehow not a valid diploma. I don’t understand. I don’t want to go on a fake sermon for graduates. I can do that when I actually do have my diploma. I haven’t attended any sermons for my three diplomas so far. This will be my forth. Hmm. At my other university I got some kind of invitation to some kind of event for graduates. I didn’t go. At my other university I don’t think I ever got any… I haven’t gotten any at this university either. My class mate said they had posted posters all over campus. I haven’t even noticed.

Got a mail the other day from one class mate inviting all of us to some sort of dinner. I haven’t replayed. We haven’t been real students. We only studied. We haven’t had any activities what so ever. At least I don’t know of any. I am to old for that shit. I was very much involved in my younger years. I arranged parties and activities for the others back then. I was “festerist”, but no I don’t drink alcohol. Anyways, I worked at the parties as a bouncer. Volonteer. We didn’t get paid. Well, I was Infomaster and I was on the board too back then. That was a long time ago. Feels like another person when I think about it. Nothing of that kind anymore. That was in the 1990’s.

I am going to  a wedding in June. Have ordered a dress to that, wanna look great. As great as a big fat belly can. Haha. Well. At least I will shower.

I have cut my and the kids hair at the hair dressers this week. Feels great, we both look as expected. I like it real short. Shaved in the back. Looks nice. Feels nice.

Time flies and today I washed the car and did garden work, errands and a lot of “must do’s”.

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