Sangen du hater

Haha. Hilarious. He sings that he sings the song the person hates. He also sings he won’t come back, that is why he sings the song the person hates. He calles himself Katastrofe and he is from Norway, so he sings in Norwegian. It is very sad that they have to put alcohol in the drink for the girls when they go on a picnic.


I wish that they stopped using all the drugs in all music videos all the time. The producers are so narrow minded. People can have much more fun if there are no drugs in the music videos. They shouldn’t influence kids to start drinking. Not adults either. Tobacco and alcohol can give you a lot of sickness. One is only 6% survival rate. You can get it after one cigarette or one alcohol drink, if you are unlucky. Do they inform you? No, they don’t. But then you can also get that sickness and be in pain for the remainder of your lifetime. Does that sound great? Well. Perhaps you also should blog about drugs in social media. They influence you to start using to. Bad role models, if you ask me.

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