Haha – people are too stupid using drugs in music videos

Voi jumaluta. Mikä laulu. Haha. This is Sini Sabotage – Levikset repee featuring VilleGalle.

We can say this songs video really sabotages people’s worlds. It has alcohol and drugs in it. So fucking unnecessary to have the bottles and the smoking in music videos. They influence you into thinking drinking and smoking is normal, being exposed to it all the time. Every kid with a drunk parent or smoking parent is one parent too many. Every kid that is drunk or smoking is one kid to many. You can get sick from one smoke, from one drink and be in pain the remainder of your life. You can even die if you get pancreas, it only has 6% survival rate. One drink, that is all it takes if you are the unlucky one. So fuck that drink. Fuck that smoke. Your life should mean more than being sick or in pain. You don’t need drugs. So we shouldn’t promote drugs to the kids and people in general. Social media should really forbid drug promo’s like these.

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