Yet another class passed

So now I have another 7,5 credits. Catsching. I now have 764,5 credits. Haha. Soon enough another exam, at some point. Feels great. I need to do something about the class I failed last year. Change it to another class or something, so I don’t have to do it. This new class I passed might perhaps be possible to replace it with. Well. Anyway. The on-the-job-training period is over soon and my new classes have started, so I am some days in the university and other days at the on-the-job-training. I have a lot of things I need to do. Next in pipe-line is examination for another class this weekend. Then I have my thesis. I have borrowed books. I hopefully can write something on it. Then I will have another home exam in this new class and a oral examination as well. So I have the spring set. I also have some errands, you know regular life that goes on between on-the-job-training and classes I attend. I have also handed in some work on a class I failed in January, hopefully it now has turned to passed. It would feel great to have that already as passed. Then I can concentrate on the new class and the coming examinations.

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