I have done a lot of work this week. I have also held classes, still got one more to hold. I also have started my next course. The examination on that one is oral and in English. Interesting. At our examination 2 people from Berkley university are part of the panel. Interesting. Americans. Very strange… never happend before. However I do have English panels at my other education, because I get an English exam on that examination. But the other one? Hmm. I have written about science that goes on in Berkley. Interesting to see what kind of teachers they send us from the USA. Strange. Some class mates where annoyed having to do oral exams in English. We study a Swedish education, after all.

I have one more home exam this week. I’m going to work on it during the weekend. But now I just need to have time off studies a couple on evenings. I need it badly. So no studies Thursday or Friday evenings.

Today the weather has been sunny but cold. Yesterday it was ice cold and sunny and it even snowed.

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