Changed from failed to passed

I changed my grade on 10 credits. I got a chance to redo half of one assignment I failed since I didn’t really answer the question. I have now answered the question. The grade has been changed from failed to passed. That means I now have completed 78% of my education. Feels good. Closer to my goal. I am getting closer to 800 credits by each credit.

I am in a hectic period. I had a home exam during the weekend. I have 2 today. And I have one this weekend. Then I need to write  thesis… hahaha. I don’t know how that will happen… I haven’t done anything on the writing part on the thesis.

I have yet a new class starting up and I am still on my on-the-job-training. I have long weeks. My partner works all weekends. I do to. Poor kid. I am boring, by the computer. My partner is boring being at work. Well. That is how it is when you try to change your life.

No rest. Just study mania, on-the-job-training and full duty all the time. No time to rest really.

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