Facebook is evil – does research on kids

In secret Facebook does research on kids as young as 14 years old, according to DN. No consent from parents has been given. In Sweden you need consent to research on kids. I don’t believe they even got consent from the teenager and a 14 year old cannot enter legal agreements in Sweden, perhaps not in many countries in the world. They are not adults yet.

Facebook researched how to tell the kids mood online.

They researched these moods:

“[..]”värdelösa”, ”osäkra”, ”stressade”, ”knäckta”, ”överväldigade”, ”oroliga”, ”nervösa”, ”dumma”, ”fåniga” [..] ”misslyckade”.” (DN, 20170502)

It means when kids feel:

Worthless, unsecure, stressed, beaten, overwhelmed, anxious, nervous, stupid, silly and as a failure.



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