Fattism – discrimination of the poor

It’s time to see the poor as a group of people. Poverty and poor is different in each region. It’s a local definition. But it is time to see the poor as a group that can be discriminated. The capitalistic system grants us to discriminate the poor people. Economic discrimination isn’t enough. Poor people are discriminated in a lot of ways. Rules and regulations make them have to comply, while a rich person can choose not to comply, because they have money to work around the system.

Banks grant money to people who have money. The poor isn’t allowed to own anything like houses and cars in i.e. the Swedish system, if they need benefits like “socialbidrag” or “försörjningsstöd”, that is the proper term for it. That is really discrimination. Not letting poor people own anything of their own.

Also not many banks give bank loans with good terms to poor people. They are discriminated there to. Poor people have a hard time living in a good neighbourhood because they are discriminated even when it comes to where they are offered living quarters. Poor people are discriminated all over the planet.

I call this discrimination Fattism. Fattism is a new invention by me. Needed one. It’s time the world recognises the discrimination of poor people. They are not treated any better than modern slaves.

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