Special tutor & human rights fighter among the victims in Swedish terror attack

Once more a victim surprises me and gives me even more highlight. This time a retired special tutor, that helped the weak, is one of the victims. She had been a teacher for kids all her adult life. In the article her brother says that she was a extremly good person and never had bad thoughts (baktankar). (Expressen) I am guessing they called her the 70-year-old women from Uddevalla in the newspapers. She was från Ljungskile, Uddevalla kommun(city).

Lena was the chairman for Amnesty in Ljungskile, according to SR. She was involved in human rights. A person really needed in the world.

Uddevalla recently had a seizure and thanks to that they found a drog cartel and six people are facing charges from drug related crimes in that drug cartel. The victim lived in that kommun(city).

The Swedish school system is very unequal and some kids might have uneducated special tutors in some schools, this I happen to be able to prove. But some are skilled anyway. They are important. A skilled special tutor can help children find a future in dispair.

The victims name is Lena Wahlberg. Wahl sounds like val in Swedish. It means elections or choice. Berg means mountain. My mother was supposed to be named Lena, but one of her parents didn’t want that name, so my mother got another name. My computer has had the name Lena at times.

Ljungskile only has a few thousend inhabitants.

If I make a name search there are other people with the same name. One with the same name is a senior lecturer at Lund University at the department of Law and works at VBE. That person researches anti- vs. pro-vaccines. It also researches if science in school is the same as science in health care, as well as social science in resilience. The department researches PTS. Isn’t that interesting? Many that have been in trauma, war and so on can have experienced PTS. We have immigrants that have experienced terrible things from war, they can suffer from PTS and they need treatment for those experiences. Isn’t interesting that the victims name puts a light even on this? By the way, my friend has a degree from Lund University, department of Law… isn’t the world pretty small?





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