Rescue dog victim in terror attack

According to Expressen Iggy was the dog that fell victim on the truck attack. Iggy fell twice for human cruelty. Having no home, he finally was adopted and had to travel overseas to his new family in Sweden. In Sweden he seems to have gotten a family that loved him and a happy life. Iggy’s faith was to let him once more fall into humanities cruelty. Iggy died in the Swedish truck attack at Drottninggatan.

Iggy reminds us of all stray animals and neglected animals that need to be rescued and the importance of animal shelters. Even in war animals suffer. They also fall victims in war, loosing their families and homes. Iggy puts a light on animals that need rescue and humanities cruelty. Iggy and his friends don’t create war, humanity does. Iggy’s death puts a light on that.


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