People I admire

I admire my relative. My relatives research is helping the worlds scientists to find cures. It is amazing. My relative says it loves me the most in the whole world. I wonder why. But I love my relative also.

One person that means a lot to me – ended up as a character in a Hollywood movie. That person is also someone who’s organisation I try to give money to. My family is forever linked to this person. That is a strange feel, that little me knows that person that ended up portrayed by Hollywood. I admire that person and I wish I could help it to fulfill something it wanted to fulfil. I don’t know if it already did. If it did, I would have wanted to help it more.

I admire the beggar outside my store. I think life has been far to tough on the beggar. I think the world is so cruel, yet the person is kind and smiling everyday, even though sad at times.

I admire my friend, that recently died. I wish I could have help my friend. Kind hearted. Wanted us to donate money to children’s activities instead of flowers and cancer research, which was the death of it. It want us to meet later on this year and have a party and have fun, instead of like last time, at its funeral. I wish I could make it a big party for many… perhaps I could… but I don’t have the energy to do it. But I will go there and I’ll help my friends partner, if it wants help.

I admire my old friend, that died when I was young. He was always happy and kind. Wise and old. He was like my grandfather, I never knew one of my grandparents, it died before we ever meet. I am so glad I had this person in my life.

I also admire my old friend and its partner. They helped me by being there as adults. It was good to have them to talk to.

I admire my teacher that was giving and never saw me as a menace, like my earlier teacher’s had. This person is the reason to what I study now.

I admire all my pets. They have personalities of their own. They have brought happiness and tears, but I wouldn’t have wanted to be without any of them. They have given my life meaning.

I love my grandmother. She has dementia and I cannot associate with her anymore, but I love her for all that she has been in my life, both good and bad. I just wish she knew. I don’t think she does. She was more helpful to me than my parents when I was a young adult. She helped me get my driver’s license by driving with me and lended me money to my rent when the student loans and summer job had a glitch. I always paid her back.

I am glad for my cousin and my cousin’s mother, because they have never doubted me.

My sibling is like my child. I am so much older. I have reflected upon my sibling a lot. I realised that one day that some of its interests are because of me. I am not perfect, but my sibling is in many ways. I like to think I had something to do with that. It has flauss, but that I blame on the real parents.

I haven’t mentioned all of those that matter. But there are of course more… but I withhold them from you for now.

None of the people I admire are famous. Needless to say.





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