People and dogs cut up in pieces

What terrible images non press media has published. I could not publish such images. I think they are just terrible. I think it was the little 11-year-old in one of the images on one of the threads at The person was chopped up in pieces. How terrible. Don’t look. I could also find the dog sliced open on the ground. A girl that must have lost her foot, considering how it was chopped off.

Seeing that girl with the chopped off foot got me thinking about my friends siblings child that did get its leg chopped off by a landlawner. Thinking of my summer collegue that had to have his leg cut off in a military accident. They both managed good with one leg. So will that girl. She will manage it, even though her life has changed. I have also worked with people with one leg, so I am pretty sure she’ll manage it. Was thinking of calling my friends siblings child, ask him to contact that girl, help her through it mentally. Perhaps I’ll call. I haven’t decided. I did that call to my summer colleague when my friends siblings child lost its leg, I asked him to make contact. He did. I think that made it easier for him. Perhaps I should make him pay it forward now. For her? I might call.

There is nothing glorious in people killing each other. Nothing glorious about it.

I feel sorry for Ebba Åkerlunds parents that image is out there. Imagine if they get to see it. I hope they don’t. A parent shouldn’t have to see that. This wasn’t an accident, accidents do happen. I have worked with people involved in accidents and the rehabilitation of those. This was on will. Someone did this on will.

Ebbas life will not be in vain. Expressen published a wonderful image of her. It radiates love. That is how people should see Ebba, not chopped off in pieces.


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