11-year-old school girl shows us the unequality of the Swedish school system

Sweden is so unequal. I know. I have worked for the elite and the poor and those in the middle. I know the difference in quality in services in both elderly care as well as in the schools. I have seen it all.

The Swedish school girl wasn’t just any school girl. She went to one of the finest schools for the elite. Campus Manilla is the sibling to the number one school in Stockholm, they have the same owner. Campus Manilla school has one of the most luxurious locations at Djurgården and one of the finest after school care that money can buy. They handle all the children’s after school activities and have school bus that gets the kids to and from school. Many kids have a parent, relative, friend or nanny that gets the kid from the bus. This is not something kids in the suburbs get. No way. This is first class school.

This little sweet 11-year-old girl has had a good life, even though short, but she most likely has been happy, considering her first class education. Far from many get that kind of education. She puts a light on war, as well as the unequality of this world of ours. War, since some do terror and war since many kids lack good education during war.

Kids in the suburbs can only dream of the girls first class service she has gotten in that school. Only dream. I wish this wasn’t so. I wish all kids had the same luxury in life. So far every known victim has a message to the world. God hid them in each victim. I show you the clues.