Visiting memorial site

Well, we went there, to the memorial wall, last night. The wall, they later on had to remove, because the flowers weighed to much. We went downtown to Stockholm, where it all happened on Friday afternoon. 15:09 I saw the reports in media. My kid wanted to go there at night, it said it was prettier to go there and see all the candles in the evening. I thought it was a good idea. Less people also. We went there. My partner lit the candle light and placed the flowers on the wall. I took a picture. Told the kid to be silent. It was. The kid took pictures, so did I. I took a picture of our bouquet of roses in different colors. On our way there I meet two female officers. I told them “Bra jobbat.”, which means “Good work”. They both said: “Tack.” (Thanks). They both smiled. On our way to the wall of flowers we saw some flower islands, it was the places of the victims, both dead and injured. There where messages, flowers and candles lit. News channels where interviewing people. I think I got behind the scenes for some news channel, i tried to go away quickly. Didn’t wanna be on TV, but I think I might be, somewhere in the background in some news channel in the world. Well. I let my partner place the flowers. I took pictures. My partner did it with grace. We then left back to Drottninggatan. We walked there. The feeling was unbalanced. The energy on the street wasn’t yang as it usually is. It was a restless suffocating yin, as if the place needed to be that. The yang energy had been stolen from that place. It went to all the people that experienced the bad that day. They had to take the energy to cope with all the experiences. The place was drained on energy. Yin had entered to try to heal the restless souls screaming on Drottninggatan. It will take some time, but yang will return. When people fill the place once more with energy, yang will be there once more. This was the second attack in the same neighbourhood. Symbolic meaning for the terrorists most likely.

I wondered what happened when I first saw the small news feed in the paper.  I couldn’t go anywhere to see for myself, I was home alone with the kid. I wasn’t risking my kid for any pictures.

I already knew in the morning something was going to happen. I wrote about it on my blog. But I didn’t think of my understanding of the premonition, since I thought it was about Trump attacking Syria. I let my premonition be clouded by the American air strike. But my premonitions have many meanings. Many answers are given inside one. I had a new premonition yesterday. This time I wrote more clearly about how to interpret it. Hoping someone that works with BI would understand it. So, then the Egypt killings happened, they where exactly a fit to my premonition, even if I was vague in my interpretation it was right on spot. I nailed it. The warning was in it. It also had a different meaning. Gsa or bsa, it meant Greatbritain, it was hidden in the number 6 of the time that my premonition woke me up. 6 means both G och b, as in Great britain. I also wrote that on my blog. One of the victims was from Gb. the s in the premonition also covered where he worked, Spotify. This is how it is. Premonitions are not clear. But they are true. They are clues, but they need to be interpreted. My premonition contained both the victim in this attack in Sweden, as well as a new attack in Egypt, St George church. How do you think it feels to have these premonitions? To wake up scared, awakened by a sound in one or both of my ears. I was clear it was old fashioned place, like a box, for music, but not modern. It wasn’t, it was a church. When I saw the news about the attack in Egypt I knew it was that. It hit the premonition right on spot. When they revealed the victim, it also hit right on spot. He was from Great britain and worked for Spotify. What would you do if you could see future events? What would you do? Then ad that no-one seems to care. Noone even seems to notice my warning. Yet everything I say is true. Everytime I am hoping it is not. Three times now, my premonitions have been right on spot, when I finally am trying to communicate them to the world. I also knew about the attack of the air plane shut down over Ukraine two weeks before it happened. Didn’t write about it, but knew. How do you think all these things make me feel?

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