I woke up by a noise in my left ear today. At 5:39 i heard a ping pong ball once. I thought to myself, something is happening today. Last time I had a noise in my ear, it was the right ear and a women’s “ehum”. Then it was a ISIS attack. Perhaps my ear gives noise in the ear from where the attack comes, compared to my location? Interesting.

Today I woke up and did my morning routine. I read the newspaper. Read that USA had striked the Assad regime. Must have been that in my ear. A ping pong boll could resemble modern technology. I think it is scary. Yesterday I posted a Turkish artist. But that was not in my sign, but that was pretty close to where the strike was. The Turkish artist had ping pong balls. That was crazy, if you ask me. And the left ear could be the west. Very strange.

Now, when I got home, I read the newspaper at 15:09. Someone has driven a truck into people in Stockholm. Sweden has been attacked by a truck. I should have known from my premonition. The numbers of time create SEG. SE is for Sweden. That was also my  intuition when I got the premonition in the morning. Something will happen in Sweden today, but then I rerouted and thought it was the strike USA did… I don’t think this is funny. Not funny at all. G could be for gata, which is SE gata. Swedish street. Oh God. I wish someone took me seriously. I don’t know who to say this to. Nobody would believe me. My relatives belive me, they know I’m special. I see random things about the future. I don’t however know what to do with the information or what the information means. I just know it has meaning.