Soktuğu Duruma Bak

This is Murat Dalkılıç with Soktuğu Duruma Bak. I remember parts of this video in Aviciis video. Hmmm. This video is produced prior. Interesting LSjourney on Instagram has an image with a womens legs only showing under the balloons. That one is also in this video, that is produced earlier than the image. The words of the song have different meanings, so I don’t know the meaning. One suggestion was Snakebit neutralize look( Haha. It is so strange when you don’t know the language.

“Günahlarıyla, sevabıyla
Her şeyim oldun bir zamanlar
Hangi çağda kaldı böyle
Dağlarda adı yazılan aşklar

Ele avuca sığmaz
Sonuna bakmaz kalbim
Sensiz atmazdı
Oysa onca yalanlar
Geride kalanlar
Söyle hiç acıtmaz mı

Son kez aldı beni benden
Sardı kollarına bak
Yarına yine sormaz
Çaldı beni benden
Soktuğu duruma bak”

(, 20170406)

Putting all that in Google translate turns into (which I don’t think is completely right, but it is funny that google translate does it’s own thing, even though totally upside down):

With sins, with rejoicing
All of a sudden
In what era is it like this?
Love written in the mountains

My heart never comes to an end
Without you
Whereas lies lie
Tell me no hurt

The last time he took me
Look at your sardine arms
For tomorrow don’t ask again
I stole it from me
Look at the situation

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