Home exams

So, I’ve finally handed in the home exams, 3 to be specific. I think I did a good job. I have also handed in a seminar assignment as well. I am so tired now. I didn’t have a choice, they are due and needed to be done. I’ve done them. I have a seminar tomorrow, but I haven’t studied. I haven’t had time. I will go there, but I haven’t read anything. Don’t even know what I am supposed to read and right now I am all to tired to find out.

I finally meet my tutor. Amazing. Knows a lot. Both of them know a lot. A lot. More than I, it’s not that difficult to know more than me… Well anyway. I learned new things. Good. I am the persons last candidate. I hope I manage to make it happy. Happy retirement. I haven’t gotten as much work experience. I mean, that person has worked almost all my life. Top that? Not really. But I am impressed of the quality. A newly graduated tutor can never gives this knowledge to me. Never. Only a guru can. I got two guru’s. I haven’t meet the third yet. It will be interesting. I perhaps will even have four tutors this time. I haven’t meet the two other’s yet.

I am trying to keep a float. Do all the tasks. Assignments in all my classes. I am trying. It isn’t easy to keep up. My thesis is currently being neglected. I haven’t gotten time for it right now.

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