Next talent from Sweden?

Our talent show Talang tries to find the next talent in Sweden. Perhaps Nelli Berg is one of those talents? She has a wonderful voice and here she does her first performance for the Talent jury. She tells us that she sang through the years of being bullied in a Swedish school. Four years other kids tormented her in a Swedish school. I am sorry to say bullying goes on in schools everyday in Sweden. To many schools are not using effective methods against bullies. Some kids are even beaten by other kids in Swedish schools. Teacher’s are hardly allowed to touch the students. They are allowed to break apart, but the problem is if the student feels violated somehow. Swedish schools has  a problem. I never touch a student. I just go in between and tell ’em to stop, but I try not to touch. I am also scared to intervene when it is older kids fighting. I rather call the police or a guard. I have been to schools that have guards. Guards are educated and allowed to use force like police officers in some cases. Well. Nelli is not bullied anymore and I think it is sad she had to be in the past. She has a wonderful voice and here I give you a link to her first performance at Talang:

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